Why Us?

KARAT XCHANGE is established with the idea of making jewelry designs to exceptional standards. It is owned and operated by a family which has been in the diamond business as renowned wholesalers from last 30 years. As jewelry manufacturers that pride ourselves on high quality work, we guarantee your satisfaction and are happy to work with you throughout every step of the process.

At Karat Xchange, we enjoy a challenge. That's why we have a "never say no" attitude towards all projects. We welcome your most creative ideas and aim for 'UTMOST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION'. Our qualified and dedicated team members are continuously working to adorn your memorable moments with the best of quality, value and service.


When you partner with Karat Xchange Jewelry, you can expect your project to go through four essential steps: submitting your project request, approving the designs, receiving a quote, and reviewing the prototype. This is what makes us the best in this industry.

Submit A Project Request

When you submit your project request, our team will evaluate the exact needs and specifications for each step moving forward.

Approve The Designs

Our team will create designs and review each aspect of the project with you until the designs are approved.

Get A Quote

After the designs have been approved, we will provide you with a quote that reflects your project's needs from start to finish.

Review The Prototype

Once a quote is determined, we'll get started with the manufacturing of a prototype. This is a physical sample of what's to expect from the finished product. We will review it with you and make changes as needed.


Casting is the process of melting, and injecting the metal into the lost wax cavities. This process has been around for thousands of years. We at Karat Xchange use only the finest and purest of metals and our artisans have the knowledge and skill that it takes to create beautiful pieces of jewelry using lost wax casting jewelry process.

At Karat Xchange Jewelry, we have a remarkable turnaround time for our services, including CAD design and 3D wax printing. CAD designs can be expected within two weeks, while our CAM designs take an additional three days. We want each of our valued customers to experience high quality service, so we will work with you to meet important deadlines.

Once our experts have a working design for your piece, we can move on to our CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) services where we will turn your working design into a physical model. We offer a variety of CAM processes to our clients including 3D wax printing, direct metal machining, and more. We will work with you to decide which is best for your project.

Whether your project spans a single piece or 1,000, molds are always useful. However, different types of molds are more effective than others depending on the situation. As jewelry manufacturers in Los Angeles with the most complete resources, we work with rubber, silicone and metal molds!

When it comes to our finishing services, we offer a variety of options that you can choose from, including a raw finish, tumble finish, matte finish, or mirror finish. Whether you want your jewelry to simply be cleaned and pickled or you want us to go the full 9 yards, we'll make it happen. Call today!

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