As a cheap airline, Frontier is one of the airlines that only permits a small Personal Item free of charge, and will charge for one to bring a standard carry on bag. Of course, be ready to cover each checked bag too.

When flying with Frontier, make sure you plan ahead if bringing checked bags, and cover them online instead of the increased fees you will be charged if paying to get your luggage in the airport. Please be aware, baggage costs have increased as of September .

Carry on Allowance / Checked Baggage Allowance / Excess Baggage Fees / Overall Grade ./.

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Frontier allows one free Personal Item, limited in size to x x inches. You will be charged for bringing a regular carry on thing . If you would like to bring a regular carry on bag, it’s ideal to purchase online at time of booking, for which you will pay roughly , or if paying for it in the airport.

When flying with Frontier, everybody is allowed to carry one personal thing free of charge, no matter Fare Option. If you would like to bring a regular carry on bag, you will be charged by the airline. Plan ahead, since it’s cheaper to pre purchase your carry on bag on the internet, instead of doing so in the airport. Price depends on your dates travelling.

What is a Personal Item? You will carry on one personal thing that fits beneath the seat.

Personal items include Handbag, handbag, or pocketbook Backpack Briefcase Laptop computer, with or without a bag All private items are subject to inspection by airport security and our employees.

A carry on bag on Frontier Airlines must not exceed height x diameter x length, inclusive of handles, wheels, and straps, and the bag could ‘t weigh more than pounds. A carry on bag must fit under the seat or in an enclosed overhead bin. Remember to cover online,while making your booking reservation. If you acquire a carrry on after booking the flight, it is going to be more costly than buying the bag with your booking.

Frontier has raised the costs for carry on bags for all flights at September

Price of Carry On Bag on Frontier Airlines Buying Online at Booking at time of booking for flights involving // // online after booking or more than hours before flight at telephone center/web check in at airport ticket counter or self serve check in kiosk at death gate.

Should you arrive at the gate using a carry on bag that exceeds the allowable dimensions height x diameter x span , you will have an extra charge of to gate check the bag.

Frontier Airlines prices for all checked luggage. It is ideal to reserve your bag on the internet whilst making your booking, which will cost you for the first assessed bag, to get a nd bag, and for any extra luggage. Including a bag after making your booking, or while checking in at the airport, will be more expensive.

All bags are limited to a maximum of lbs/kg, above which a charge will be applied.

When flying with Frontier, it’s suggested to reserve and cover your checked baggage whilst making your booking. Alternatively, add it to your booking up to hours ahead of your flight, it is going to be less costly than paying in the airport, but more costly than when booking your flight.

Online Check in st Checked Bag nd Checked Bag Extra Bags each.

Departure Gate if your carry on bag surplus size limits and must be checked st Checked Bag .

Checked Baggage Size & Weight Restrictions Checked bags must be within linear inches which ‘s length width depth and no heavier than pounds. Baggage that exceeds these limits will have an extra charge of for every bag that’s overweight and for every oversized bag, and luggage over pounds or in excess of linear inches will not be accepted.

These fees are charged separately, and one thing can incur multiple fees. Please be aware that Frontier Airlines does not accept baggage that weighs more than pounds or exceeds linear inches length width depth.

You can read more about baggage constraints from the Contract of Carriage PDF.

Overweight fees will be charged if you bag weights more than pounds / kg. This will cost you per bag.

Another oversize fee will be applied if the sum of sides is higher than linear inches l w h, also .

If a bag is both oversize and overweight, both fees will be charged.

Checked bags on Frontier Airlines must be less than linear inches length width height, and must weigh less than pounds. These limits apply to all play classes. Additional fees apply if your bag exceeds either the size or weight limits. Fees are accumulative, and a single bag may incur both fees if both overweight and oversize.

Frontier Airlines Oversize Bag A charge of USD applies to baggage exceeding inches from linear measurement. Baggage larger than inches will not be accepted.

Frontier Airlines Overweight Bag A charge of USD applies to bags weighing more than . pounds. Baggage weighing . pounds pounds should to/from Canada or longer is not accepted.

Active duty military personnel, reservists traveling with orders and army employees traveling in uniform are exempt from surplus, oversize and overweight luggage prices. This policy is for active duty military personnel only and does not extend to family members or travel companions.

NOTE Military employees do cover special bag fees such as pet in cottage or dry ice penalties.

Wheelchairs In compliance with federal legislation, wheelchairs or other types of mobility devices are accepted as checked baggage in addition to the passenger’s baggage allowance at no extra charge. Some passengers may have more than one device to test. There is not any extra fee.

The wheelchair is carried in the cargo compartment of the aircraft and can be subject to the accountability. Refer to for more information concerning the carriage of wheelchairs.

Some types of aircraft flown by Frontier and regional affiliates cannot accommodate wheelchair stowage from the cottage. Two types of aircraft that can accept wheelchairs can take the following types Manually powered, collapsible or non collapsible, and electric powered with spillable or non spillable batteries.

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