Whether you want to add a bold pop of color to your next batch of fashion jewelry, or you want to keep it elegant with a subtle glistening of small gemstones, it’s crucial that you put time and attention toward choosing the perfect setting style for your creative vision.

When you work with our experts at custom jewelry settings, not only will we help you design your piece, but our artisans will also provide you with a wide range of setting styles to choose from so that we meet your every expectation. No matter how simple or complex of an arrangement you have in mind, we’ll be sure to deliver.


We’ve been manufacturing jewelry for over 30 years and we’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge and skill in our tenure. We can provide our clients with some of the industry’s most popular setting styles, such as:


A prong setting – which usually has 4 or 6 prongs – is one of the most popular settings on the market, and is used for all types of faceted stones.

Shared Prong

Similar to the Prong setting, the Shared Prong gets its name from prongs of metal placed between two stones.


A versatile choice used for any type of stone, the bezel setting sees the diamond set deep inside of the mounting while the metal is folded over the stone to create a strip that holds the gem in place.

Half Bezel

This setting utilizes essentially the same approach as the Bezel setting, except a Half Bezel is when the stone’s girdle is not fully covered.


Another setting that can be used for any type of stone, the channel setting sees the goldsmith creating a channel – as the name would suggest – and then cut seats in it where the diamond will sit. After each diamond is placed in the new channel, the goldsmith secures the stones in place by hammering the upper sides of the channel walls.


With pavé settings, several small gemstones – usually diamonds – are set closely together, separated and held in place by small beads of the setting metal. This produces what resembles a continuous string of diamonds or other gems on its surface.


Similar to the Channel setting, the Bar setting sees that diamonds are set between bars, where they are first nested in grooves and then overlapped by metal using a hammering tool. Like the Tension setting, this also requires gemstones to have a Hardness level of 9 or above.


We believe that there is no boundary for what we can achieve. If you have a different setting style in mind, simply talk with our experts today and we’ll do our best to help you bring your concept to life. For one of a kind custom jewelry setting, unbelievable turnaround rates and a high quality of work that you can’t find anywhere else, call Karat Xchange at (407) 446-6807.

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